Trabzon Housing Prices

Trabzon Housing Prices

Trabzon Housing Prices



The Spring Living Project, which was passed through the Kasır Building sign, is designing a new living space in Trabzon Ortahisar. Trabzon Housing Project A, B, C, D and E rise as blocks.

Houses in the Spring Living Project; 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 respectively. There are 610 apartments in the project. With a beautiful view of Trabzon, the city and nature are being offered inside the project, which has created a privileged living space for its investors.

Spring Living Project; 50% and 40% down payment options await new owners. With the ease of payment and installment alternatives attracting attention in Trabzon Housing Prices, it offers very advantageous prices for investors as well as those who want to be a host.

The windows that open to the most beautiful view of Ortahisar in Spring Living offer a peaceful life to their owners. You can contact us for detailed information about Spring Living Project and Trabzon Housing Prices which is a great opportunity to witness the splendid nature of the Black Sea.

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You can contact us for detailed information about campaigns and apartment plans, and you can already reserve your place in this privileged living area, designed in the comfort of a palace.
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