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Ortahisar projects

Ortahisar projects



Think of the nature of Ortahisar projects as a part of your home. Imagine that instead of dominating nature, you are accompanied by a life that is integrated into the place where it penetrates and is a part of it, without interfering with the natural texture of the land. Here, the Spring Living houses in the Ortahisar projects are such a strong project that they have managed to be naturally intertwined with nature and to be friendly in every way.

A Ortahisar Housing Project that Brings Sadness to You

The houses, which were designed with a natural pattern surrounding the surrounding area, were able to integrate with the place without interfering with the natural texture and inclination of the land. The colors that overlap with the topography are preferred; While Ortahisar camouflages the housing project in a good sense, it also supports adaptation at the same time. This, in turn, will inevitably ensure that the present work has a distinct beauty arising from its interaction with the environment. Moreover, not only the materials preferred for design, but also the design details that accompany the structure are designed in the same way, the desired harmony is caught.

Spring Living From The Ortahisar Project Comes Into Nature

Spring Living houses are a Ortahisar project that has had the illusion of the above-mentioned 'requirements' with the finest details and was actually born with these subtleties. Situated in Trabzon Ortahisar, one of the most magnificent corners of the Black Sea, the Spring Living Ortahisar residential project is designed to provide 100% adaptability to the region's unique geography.

All of the landscape facades of Spring living houses, which are part of Ortahisar projects, have used designs that do not disturb the eyes. It is also aimed at ensuring the adaptation of the project to the existing geography when looking at different facades while avoiding image pollution. This target actually manifests itself in every detail of the project. Special Ortahisar projects, which are located in an open forested area filled with pine trees and which use Trabzon's unique location in the most powerful and productive way, exist in harmony with nature in nature.

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