Do Not Post Religious Vicarious

Spring Living, which facilitates life by facilitating life with its masjids in its living spaces and continues its comfortable design features in every area of your life, enables you to take a peaceful life in the most prestigious district of Trabzon.
  • Mescit situated very close to your house
  • Separate masjid and fountain for women and men
  • Reliable environment very close to your house
Do not delay

You can easily use the mosques very close to your home, and you can easily worship your worship without leaving the site.

Clean and Peaceful

You can easily use well-maintained mosques with regular cleaning.


3 Minutes to Home

You can reach the mosques in the immediate vicinity of your house without leaving the house


Separate Fountains

You can safely use separate ablution areas for male and female.


Contact Us For More Information

You can contact us for detailed information about campaigns and apartment plans, and you can already reserve your place in this privileged living area, designed in the comfort of a palace.
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